About bicolor Sentence Examples

1 Enzyme activity decreased with high doses and the growth of Sorghum bicolor was inhibited. 2 Study on Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation in Vitro of Limonium bicolor 3 Influence of Sunshade and Fertilization on Growth in Gynura Bicolor and Research of Propagating Pattern 4 Study on the Extraction and Enrichment Technology of Total Flavonoids [ View Post… ]

About bickering Sentence Examples

1 I went into medicine to care for patients, not to waste time bickering over budgets 2 Stop bickering! 3 Her years of drunken bickering hardened my heart 4 It is sad to see a county confine its activities to undignified public bickering 5 He is still bickering with the control tower over admissible approach [ View Post… ]

About bicker Sentence Examples

1 I went into medicine to care for patients, not to waste time bickering over budgets 2 The two women bickered constantly. 3 He is still bickering with the control tower over admissible approach routes. 4 As for some things it is all right to quarrel and bicker about, but fundamental cooperation is needed. 5 [ View Post… ]

About bicircular Sentence Examples

1 On the base, the rational parameter equation of the bicircular arc determined by three points is established. 2 Rational Bicircular Arcs and Their Application to CAD 3 Bicircular quartic is a very important classics of higher plane curves. 4 The interpolation of rational bicircular arcs is provided, that contains the establishing equation of continuity, [ View Post… ]

About bichromate Sentence Examples

1 Determination of Phosphite Content in Zinc Phosphite by Potassium Bichromate Method 2 Well, we’ll ship the bichromate in steel drums and the chromic anhydride in oil cans. the hypothetical acid ( H2Cr2O7) from which dichromates are derived; known only in solution and in the form of dichromate salts. 3 Ammonium bichromate ( dichromate): Salt [ View Post… ]

About bichon Sentence Examples

1 Other dogs in the running were the miniature schnauzer, bichon frise, and Chinese crested. 2 Watch your bichon’s weight! 3 Structural faults common to all breeds are as undesirable in the Bichon Frise as in any other breed, even though such faults may not be specifically mentioned in the standard. 4 The core language [ View Post… ]

About bichloride Sentence Examples

1 Reduction consumption of mercury bichloride in vinyl chloride production with calcium carbide method 2 The adsorption mechanism of mercury bichloride in aqueous solution on activated carbon fibers 3 Hemodialysis plus hemoperfusion to rescue mercury bichloride poisoning& A case report 4 Results 0.1 ‰ mercury bichloride solution can easily cause conjunctiva red, pain, photophobia, shed [ View Post… ]

About biceps Sentence Examples

1 The triceps and biceps work in unison to bend and straighten the arm. 2 You must analyze what kind of development you are aiming for with your biceps training. 3 In fact, I do it as the first workout for my biceps. 4 His biceps bulged as he lifted the weights. 5 The biceps [ View Post… ]

About bicep Sentence Examples

1 This morning I measured my bicep. 2 I can make my thumb and forefinger meet round your bicep. 3 You do bicep curls with your grocery bags while you are carrying them into your house. 4 Oh my god! He wants me to come over and feel his bicep and more! 5 I had [ View Post… ]

About bicentennial Sentence Examples

1 Yet the later, more material and genially circumstantial Emerson is not the one whose bicentennial we celebrate. 2 Just last fall there were some events in the world celebrating the bicentennial of Dalton’s scientific achievements. 3 The historic gala event has been timed to coincide with Argentina’s national bicentennial celebrations of independence. 4 Potter [ View Post… ]