Month: September 2018

acro Sentence Examples

1 A boy swam acro the river. 2 He sat with his arms acro the chest. 3 Large area of the Northwest New Territories were under water yesterday as torrential rain swept acro the sar. 4 And just acro the street will be the world-renowned Rockefeller Center. 5 He swam acro a raging river, and [ View Post… ]

acrimony Sentence Examples

1 The council’s first meeting ended in acrimony. 2 But instead of ending in agreement, the talks broke up in acrimony at the end of the week. 3 The acrimony of his remarks alienated his audience. 4 But I aswell feel acrimony and despair. 5 But do not eat together with acrimony content, the kidney [ View Post… ]

acrimoniously Sentence Examples

1 As a result of O’Neal’s purges, many of the firm’s culture carriers departed, often acrimoniously. 2 They argued acrimoniously about the case. 3 Trade talks near Berlin broke up acrimoniously with the US and the European Union at loggerheads with India and Brazil.

acrimonious Sentence Examples

1 There followed an acrimonious debate. 2 An acrimonious dispute broke out. 3 He had an acrimonious quarrel with his girlfriend yesterday. 4 His tendency to utter acrimonious remarks alienated his audience. 5 They had an acrimonious discussion about money. 6 This is not the end of this long running and acrimonious dispute, but it [ View Post… ]

acridone Sentence Examples

1 The UV-vis spectra, fluorescence spectra and fluorescence quantum efficiency of eight acridone derivatives were measured to clarifythe relationships betweentheirstructures and optical properties. 2 Determination and Correlative Content and Bioactivity of Limonin, Nomilin, Acridone from Citrus; Study on Ultrasonic Extraction Technology of Limonin from the Kumquat 3 Synthesis of two new type photosensitive acridone compounds [ View Post… ]

acridine Sentence Examples

1 In this paper, the quenching of fluorescence of acridine orange by methylene blue was also studied. 2 When you whether or not my boyfriend Department of acridine you? 3 After I left, remember to acridine happy, we live too tired, might be better separated. 4 Study on the spectra of acridine orange influencing by [ View Post… ]

acres Sentence Examples

1 He had nearly a thousand acres of grazing and arable land. 2 Thousands of acres of forests and scrubland have been burnt. 3 He raises 2,000 acres of wheat and hay. 4 They ploughed nearly 100,000 acres of virgin moorland. 5 The peasants have levelled three hundred acres of land. 6 A Brockhampton farm [ View Post… ]

acreages Sentence Examples

1 Enormous acreages of soya beans are grown in the United States. 2 Large acreages have been planted to oil crops. 3 The Secretary said that to attract more explorers to bid for acreages in India, his ministry is seeking 10 years tax holiday for ultra deep water exploration, according to a report by the [ View Post… ]

acreage Sentence Examples

1 He has sown coffee on part of his acreage 2 Enormous acreages of soya beans are grown in the United States. 3 About 70% of the cocoa acreage is treated with insecticide 4 They require large agricultural acreage, huge volumes of water and chemicals, and traditional farm equipment and labor. 5 This research provides [ View Post… ]

ACR Sentence Examples

1 ACR varies between the MCR and the PCR, and is dynamically controlled using congestion control mechanisms. 2 ACR and EULAR have collaborated on developing treatment-response criteria for gout, and other similar collaborations may occur. 3 ACR is a copolymer of methyl methacrylate with acrylate. 4 When a communication error is detected, ACR alternates connection [ View Post… ]