Month: October 2018

avifauna Sentence Examples

1 Hornbills, starlings, vultures, rollers, bee-eaters and shrikes typify the ubiquitous avifauna of the Kruger. 2 The impact of global warming on China avifauna 3 New records to the Chinese avifauna, including those of a family ( podargidae) and two genera 4 The character of avifauna and the bird ecological group in this reserve were [ View Post… ]

avidly Sentence Examples

1 Having spent a lifetime avidly courting publicity, Paul has suddenly become secretive. 2 As a teenager, I read all his books avidly. 3 Avidly licking some milk from a small saucer. 4 They listened avidly as witnesses to the murder told what they had seen. 5 Even countries that are not actually taking part [ View Post… ]

avidity Sentence Examples

1 Philosophers have an avidity to know how we perceive objects. 2 Everyone attend to not up so many, with avidity eat right away. 3 The man began to eat with avidity. 4 Value of Determination of Specific IgG Antibody’s Avidity Index in the Diagnostic of Human Cytomegalovirus Primary Infection 5 Europeans may sneer at [ View Post… ]

avidin Sentence Examples

1 Objective: To determine the activity of avidin in hens egg white power after heat treatment. 2 The application of avidin-biotin-immunoblotting in identification of CEA antigen 3 The Establishment and Application Of Solid Phase Biotin Avidin ELISA Determinating HIV Antibodies 4 Aim To improve the sensitivity of phycobiliprotein immunofluorescence assay ( PBPIFA), by introducing into [ View Post… ]

avid Sentence Examples

1 He misses not having enough books because he’s an avid reader. 2 He was intensely eager, indeed avid, for wealth. 3 Thanks to that job I became an avid reader 4 Avid Bob Dylan fans treasure bootlegged recordings. 5 They are listening to the lecture with avid attention. 6 Although his formal education stopped [ View Post… ]

avicenna Sentence Examples

1 Barbosa, as well as jury representatives of the committee of the Avicenna Prize, spoke highly of Qiu’s research in the ethics of science and public advocacy of ethical issues related to science. 2 There were conflicting reports about which side controlled Sirte’s main Avicenna Hospital. 3 Avicenna’s pioneering work in neuropsychiatry was the dawn [ View Post… ]

aviators Sentence Examples

1 Blackburn said his father, the late Stanley blackburn, and his uncle John ed Blackburn were aviators. 2 In America the whole scale is too big, except for aviators. 3 World War II aviators used to spot ships by the bioluminescence in their wakes. 4 Tian, like many other DIY aviators, started out manufacturing model [ View Post… ]

aviator Sentence Examples

1 Podulski had joined the U.S. Navy as an aviator, adopting a new country and a new profession. 2 His second day in Paris we lunched with that famous old aviator, Monsieur Bl é riot. 3 Amy Johnson was a pioneering aviator who made record-breaking flights to Australia and South Africa in the1930s. 4 He [ View Post… ]

aviation Sentence Examples

1 The American and Japanese navies took the lead in the development of naval aviation 2 It’s believed the affair was potentially harmful to British aviation. 3 The airline’s biggest headache is the increase in the price of aviation fuel 4 The civil aviation minister ordered all the planes to be grounded 5 The man [ View Post… ]

aviary Sentence Examples

1 I kept the birds indoors all winter and introduced them into an aviary the following June 2 The owner said the bird may have escaped through a weak spot in the aviary 3 The birds will winter outside in an aviary 4 Waterfall aviary has the highest man-made waterfall in the world. 5 There [ View Post… ]