Month: November 2018

Bap sentence Examples

1 Removal of BaP from the trachea was prevented by fixing the implanted pellet within the wall of the airway. 2 An advisory committee should be established to oversee and review the progress of implementation of the bap. 3 The concentration of serum Bone-specific Alkaline Phosphatase ( BAP) and Tartrate-resistant Acid Phosphatase ( TRAP) were [ View Post… ]

baobab sentence Examples

1 The baobab tree grows in the west Africa and Australia. 2 An enraged elephant crashing about in the undergrowth The baobab tree grows in the west Africa and Australia. 3 Baobab fruit bars have a low Glycemic Index and contains no allergens. 4 Now there were some terrible seeds on the planet that was [ View Post… ]

bao sentence Examples

1 Little Chang Bao disguised herself as a boy. 2 Shanghai natives Tom Lu, left, and Bao Chen have been together for more than one year. 3 Bao like me, I regarded it as you know, I have talked to you a hundred times. 4 The Hot pot from Sichuan, and Shen jian bao from [ View Post… ]

banzai sentence Examples

1 I’m doing some sweet Banzai moves. 2 Banzai: yeah, that’s what I heard. 3 Today, the Banzai cliffs, as they are known, have become a place of remembrance for of the countries of the world. 4 Yet his visit brought roars of “banzai” from the crowd and a storm of disapproval from neighbouring countries. [ View Post… ]

banyans sentence Examples

1 Description: “Banyans Chaochowfu.” A street in Chaozhou with trees and houses. 2 It contained rice-fields, tall palms, royal banyans, a few lakes, and two cremation grounds. 3 At every night, many people sit besides Mekong River to overlook lights and whirling banyans of Thailand Udon. 4 Leaves of banyans nearby are so bright after [ View Post… ]

banyan sentence Examples

1 In the large banyan tree of life, leaving behind a touch of brilliant golden yellow. 2 You mean this huge banyan tree? 3 Big banyan again church our summer is what. 4 The shepherd boy lay asleep under the shadow of the banyan tree. 5 This huge banyan tree has a history of more [ View Post… ]

banya sentence Examples

1 Three New Russians are sitting in a banya ( sauna) when a mobile telephone rings. 2 Pushkin wrote that banya is a Russian’s second mother, Nikita told me, but I say that sweat is his father. 3 Lady banya, making a living id one thing. 4 Banya isn’t answering either. 5 Banya idn’t andwering [ View Post… ]

bantu sentence Examples

1 A member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa. 2 Almost all Gabonese are of Bantu origin. 3 Relating to or designating languages that possess characteristics of Bantu. 4 Of or relating to a dialect of Sotho or the Bantu people who speak it. 5 A member of the [ View Post… ]

banting sentence Examples

1 1921-Researchers at the University of Toronto led by biochemist Frederick Banting announce the discovery of the hormone insulin. 2 How do you know? Asked Banting in his most crushing manner. 3 Mrs Banting told Mrs Tremaine that she didn’t know her ears from her elbows. 4 METHODS: Using the banting of obese children as [ View Post… ]

bantering sentence Examples

1 All this was said in a bantering tone. 2 There was a friendly, bantering tone in his voice. 3 They resented his bantering remarks because they thought he was being sarcastic. 4 His voice was bantering. 5 Wang Ho-fu spoke with his usual bantering smile, which contrasted strongly with Sun Chi-jen’s reticence and taciturnity. [ View Post… ]