Month: January 2019

About benedict Sentence Examples

1 He had been sent here to keep an eye on Benedict. 2 Benedict pointed downwards again with his stick 3 Benedict’s voice tailed off, then resumed. 4 Benedict had been a wild boy and a quarrelsome young man. 5 Joan of Arc was finally canonized by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. 6 Hello? May [ View Post… ]

About beneath Sentence Examples

1 She could see the muscles of his shoulders beneath his T-shirt 2 Somewhere deep beneath the surface lay a caring character 3 They decided she was marrying beneath her 4 She found pleasure in sitting beneath the trees 5 Four storeys of parking beneath the theatre was not enough. 6 Beneath the festive mood [ View Post… ]

About bene Sentence Examples

1 Strong and consistent political will from the highest level in HIV/ AIDS control can not only bene? t China, but also serve as a good model to neighbouring regions, such as central Asia. 2 Misce bene, the innovative mixing organization, dependance performance; 3 However, we’ve bene surprised that many customers tell us that deadlocks [ View Post… ]

About bends Sentence Examples

1 Glass bends light of different colours by different amounts. 2 The road is a succession of hairpin bends, hills, and blind corners. 3 There are eighteen hairpin bends on the way up Mogan Mountain. 4 The roads twist round hairpin bends 5 The river bends to the east. 6 The collar bends back in [ View Post… ]

About bending Sentence Examples

1 She’d cut a jagged hole in the tin, bending a knife in the process. 2 He was bending over the desk, drawing. 3 Without a word spoken, he hurried away, with his hoary head bending low. 4 He was fed up with people bending his ear about staying on at school. 5 Lu Xun [ View Post… ]

About Benders Sentence Examples

1 Started in1919, GENSCO distributes Scrap handling and Recycling equipment, Rebar benders and shears, Busbar fabrication and Electrical construction equipment from a complete manufacturing facility. 2 An Integrated Model and Benders Decomposition Algorithm for Facility Location Under Uncertainty 3 Application of Benders Decomposition Technology in Electric Transmission Network Planning 4 Can’t tell you how many [ View Post… ]

About bender Sentence Examples

1 The developing status of3D CAD software and the work principle of the electric pipe bender were introduced. 2 Couple it with the Bender hat and you’re ready to get married. 3 The pipe should be bent with electric bending machine or manual pipe bender. 4 The utility model relates to a pipe bender, which [ View Post… ]

About bend Sentence Examples

1 I bent over and kissed her cheek 2 Rick appeared, bending his head a little to clear the top of the door. 3 These cruel devices are designed to stop prisoners bending their legs 4 Bend the bar into a horseshoe 5 The road bent slightly to the right 6 The crash occurred on [ View Post… ]

About benchmark Sentence Examples

1 The truck industry is a benchmark for the economy. 2 We ran a rough benchmark. 3 This is not a TPC-H benchmark result. 4 The benchmark interest rate is effectively zero, but that leaves quantitative easing and other unconventional measures. 5 Only a portion of this system was allocated for this benchmark. 6 The [ View Post… ]