Month: February 2019

About bevels Sentence Examples

1 This will build the grip up a full or half size and still keep the bevels fairly sharp. 2 The down side is that overgrips tend to build up the grip size and can decrease the bevels influence. 3 Technically, your grip is defined by which bevel ( or bevels) of the tennis racket [ View Post… ]

About bevelled Sentence Examples

1 A series of chain rings with bevelled and cutaway teeth designed to improve shifting. 2 The tunnels were lined in white tiles with bevelled edges, which means they sparkle. 3 A picture frame often has bevelled edges. 4 He bevelled the edges of the bookcase. 5 This article explained the correct application of the [ View Post… ]

About beveled Sentence Examples

1 The beveled edges of the Plexiglass create a luminous edge effect. 2 It is all high polish with beveled edges and has black carbon fiber inlay. 3 A steel cutting tool with a sharp beveled point, used in engraving or carving stone. 4 Description: General purpose, beveled lip on ID and OD. 5 The [ View Post… ]

About bevel gear Sentence Examples

1 In this paper, the structure of plastic bevel gear and service performance are analyzed. 2 Multiple objective optimizing design of a new planetary bevel gear drive device with small teeth difference and inclined plate; 3 The quenching distortion of rear axle spiral bevel gear used in FLAT tractor is studied in this paper. 4 [ View Post… ]

About bevel Sentence Examples

1 In this paper, the structure of plastic bevel gear and service performance are analyzed. 2 Add Inner Glow and Bevel and Emboss. 3 Add Bevel and Emboss and Gradient Overlay. 4 These provide a foundation for the control of grinding quality of spiral bevel gear. 5 Multiple objective optimizing design of a new planetary [ View Post… ]

About bevan Sentence Examples

1 The match will be refereed by Derek Bevan from Wales 2 Bevan was a magician with words. 3 He admired the intensity and passion of bevan. 4 Half a century ago, Nye Bevan expressed a similar concern. 5 Perhaps the ghost of Nye Bevan was speaking through him. 6 The other Labour leader to [ View Post… ]

About beulah Sentence Examples

1 One of the friskiest babysitters I ever hired was a sweet little grandma I’ll call Beulah. 2 Despite her age, Beulah had endless energy; 3 The next time you’re in Beulah, Michigan, look for that beautiful elm. 4 Auditions for the Beulah Baptist church choir are still open. 5 I thought sometimes I saw [ View Post… ]

About betwixt Sentence Examples

1 The good-looking buxom woman, betwixt forty and fifty, was now a fat, red-faced, old dam of seventy, or thereabouts. 2 What we are left with is a world betwixt and between. 3 I go to remove the amulet from betwixt my cheeks. 4 He is neither a dove nor a hawk, but betwixt and [ View Post… ]

About between Sentence Examples

1 She left the table to stand between the two men 2 I spent a lot of time in the early Eighties travelling between London and Bradford. 3 I think the relationship between patients and doctors has got a lot less personal 4 His sense of duty often stood between him and the enjoyment of [ View Post… ]