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azygous Sentence Examples

1 The azygous muscle of the uvula. 2 The largest Eurasian bird of prey; having black feathers hanging around the bill. the azygous muscle of the uvula. 3 Methods During 23 cases of thoracoscopic anterior procedure, anatomic landmarks, including the segmental vessels, azygous vein, intervertebral discs, rib heads and great splanchnic nerve, were observed. 4 [ View Post… ]

azurite Sentence Examples

1 Amethyst, azurite, garnet, malachite, quartz 2 Life in Color: Blue Some of nature’s intricate patterns are on display in this magnified view of the mineral azurite. 3 Two carbonates-malachite, azurite. 4 Oxide copper minerals are mainly malachite, the second is chrysocolla, followed by a small amount of azurite; and sulfide copper minerals are mainly [ View Post… ]

azure Sentence Examples

1 Azure Grid provides you with a base solution template to which you add application-specific code. 2 I curl up in bed, eyes are the window overlooking the azure blue sky and yellow trunks. 3 I am a cloud, I am floating leisurely in the azure sky. 4 Developers can have a configuration file for [ View Post… ]

aztreonam Sentence Examples

1 The observed improvements declined during the2 weeks after inhaled aztreonam lysine was stopped. 2 We’re hoping the aztreonam will clear it up. 3 So we’re going to take her off the aztreonam. 4 Twice-daily and thrice-daily aztreonam lysine were similarly effective, and adverse events did not differ significantly between the aztreonam and placebo groups. [ View Post… ]

aztec Sentence Examples

1 The serpent or dragon also appears in aztec, chinese, and Native American mythology. 2 I care not for cursed Aztec gold. 3 This is the Aztec calendar. 4 The ancient Aztec culture has all perished now. 5 The Mayan pyramids and Aztec Sun Calendar both stand testimony to the splendor of your ancient civilization. [ View Post… ]

AZT Sentence Examples

1 Doctors are treating him with the drug AZT. 2 Objective To observe the effect of radiation and telomerase inhibitor ( AZT) on the treatment of mouse lymphoma. 3 AZT can cause severe side effects, such as anemia. 4 Zidovudine ( AZT) or Tenofovir ( TDF) are recommended as less toxic and equally effective alternatives. [ View Post… ]

Azrael Sentence Examples

1 Oh I’m sorry king, I shouldn’t say Azrael. 2 No, thank you, Azrael, but I think she would appreciate the surprise. 3 If someday Azrael comes with silence and peaceful, I still can feeling you whatever where I am. 4 But, now we must welcome the Azrael to befallen. 5 I am Azrael helping [ View Post… ]

azoxy Sentence Examples

1 The polarizer having high polarizing activities and durability to heat and moisture was prepared by dipping the newly synthesized azoxy dye into oriented and stretched polyvinyl alcohol film. 2 Reduction of Aromatic Nitro Compounds to Azoxy Compounds with NaBH_4/ BiCl_3 System 3 Study on Dyeing Process of Polyvinyl Alcohol Polarizer Using Azoxy Dichromatic Dye

azov Sentence Examples

1 A Ukrainian peninsula between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. 2 Now a new phenomena has emerged, land emerging near the straits of the Sea of Azov nearby, as noted in this Pole Shift ning blog. 3 The winery takes its name from the ancient Greek colony that one can so easily [ View Post… ]

azotobacter Sentence Examples

1 Isolation, identification and nitrogenase activities of mulberry rhizosphere azotobacter; 2 Effect of Potential Treatment on Nitrogenase Activity of Azotobacter vinelandii Whole Cell Denitrification performance of immobilized effective microorganisms 3 The compound fertilizer improved the population of azotobacter and potassium bacteria, and the phosphate ammonium enhanced the population of phosphobacteria. 4 Nitrogen fixation ability of [ View Post… ]