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About beverages Sentence Examples

1 Alcoholic beverages are served in the hotel lounge. 2 Alcoholic beverages are not sold to children. 3 This restaurant does not serve alcoholic beverages. 4 The shop sells several kinds of hot beverages. 5 Tobacco and some alcoholic beverages; 6 Over the past week, more foodstuffs and beverages have been found to contain the [ View Post… ]

About bevels Sentence Examples

1 This will build the grip up a full or half size and still keep the bevels fairly sharp. 2 The down side is that overgrips tend to build up the grip size and can decrease the bevels influence. 3 Technically, your grip is defined by which bevel ( or bevels) of the tennis racket [ View Post… ]

About berlins Sentence Examples

1 Marcel Berlins is the presenter of the BBC radio programme Law in Action. 2 Throughout the cold war, the Allies asserted their right to move freely between the two berlins. 3 The waste land bordered by this wall communicated with the back yard of an ex-livery stable-keeper of bad repute, who had failed and [ View Post… ]

About beloved Sentence Examples

1 He lost his beloved wife last year 2 He takes his beloved into his arms. 3 The rose is the most romantic of flowers, beloved of poets, singers, and artists. 4 She refuses to see her beloved boy die in such dishonor. 5 I miss thee, beloved father. 6 Strangely enough, the last thing [ View Post… ]

About bedwell Sentence Examples

1 Warwick Bedwell is the vice president, global head of business development, pharma partnering, for Basel, Switzerland-based Roche. 2 Bedwell: There are a lot of very good, earlier stage opportunities in development around the world. 3 The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company is developing its first product that would “interact” with encryption software, says vice president of [ View Post… ]

About bedfordshire Sentence Examples

1 Perhaps tickled by the prank he was about to play, Marcel Duchamp purchased a Bedfordshire urinal. 2 The FBI intercepted the message and contacted police in the UK who went to see the17-year-old at his home in Silsoe, Bedfordshire. 3 THE EARLIEST RECORDED weight-driven mechanical clock was installed in1283 at Dunstable Priory in Bedfordshire, [ View Post… ]

About beaconed Sentence Examples

1 Could you see the moonlight? It was your life beaconed all dim light! 2 These costful words like a steady light beaconed from the tower. 3 Neon lights beaconed all night long. 4 A steady light beaconed from the tower. 5 When you open the file, the image is downloaded and information about the [ View Post… ]

battle sentence Examples

1 He was appalled to discover members of the board fighting damaging personal battles. 2 She has fought a constant battle with her weight 3 Thousands of people battled with police and several were reportedly wounded 4 Doctors battled throughout the night to save her life. 5 This March, a British and an American company [ View Post… ]

bashir sentence Examples

1 South Africa and Botswana have said Mr Bashir is not welcome. 2 Yet Mr Bashir’s oppressive government is not popular outside Khartoum. 3 Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir visited the scene and vowed to boost security around foreign missions. 4 But Moreno-Ocampo stressed he was not indicting President Bashir. 5 Negroponte spoke to reporters [ View Post… ]