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We offer the products such as straw weaving, bamboo weaving, and awn weaving and metal products.
Our products include straw weaving, bamboo weaving, and awn weaving and metal products.

After an overall analysis, it was confirmed that the grain was long and wide without awn, unclear in attributes of indica and japonica rice, thus the rice is an ancient cultivated rice;

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The primal reason is, sure, usually is pain, such as fire, such as awn of wheat saturated with sunlight, such as eternal parting;
The resistance was not relative to the length of flag leaf, leaf color and awn length.

The inheritance of flag leaf and awn and their effects on grain yield were investigated with twenty wheat varieties.

Only awn did not change among the characters investigated.

There were insignificant effects on the fertility rate by cutting barley awn.
The green cells of flag-leaf sheath, the internodebelow the spike and awn have same structure as that of the upper leaves.

Awn Water Source is the primary water supply source of Zibo city.
Glume pubescence and awn length may be used as indirect indexes of stigma exsertion.
Awn length of Weedy rice in F1 generation showed intermediate parents, and the awn color showed bias characteristics of weedy rice.

The estimation for surface area of spike and awn of the common wheat
The length and epidermal microstructure of awn showed some difference among rice species. ( 2) Comparison of fan phytolith of leaf in Oryza.

As the common structure in the wild rice species, awn can help seed dispersal, and prevent birds or animals from eating.
The path analysis results showed: that the direct effects of the different characters to yield per plant were the numbers of ear per plant, 1000-grain weight, awn length and ear length in big to small order in two-rowed husked barley.

All 9 green plants surviving to maturity showed traits of the wild species, including long awn, purple stigma, high photo-sensitivity and easy-shattering.
Inheritance of Flag Leaf and Awn and Their Correlation with Grain Yield of Wheat

There are also distinct differences on some characters like that stalk rigidity, plant height, ear length, ear type, spikelet number, grain number of spike, wheat awn and mature period among unborn strains.

The flag leaf length, width, area and mean awn length per spike were found to be significant positive correlation with grain weight per spike, the blade angle and bend degree of flag leaf to be significant negative correlation with grain weight per spike;

The height of plant, the length of awn, the knots of main stem, the numbers of leaf can raise the ear numbers of per plant and the grain numbers of per ear;

Seen from the result of quantitation analysis, all of two species possess the variations at the length and the width of inflorescence, the length of awn and spikelet, which have certain relation to the ecological enviroment, and are the variations of ecological gradiant.

The major morphological characteristics of Leymus species are: a rhizome, cross-pollination, glume from coniform to lanceolate, lemma awnless or with a short awn, spike 1 to rounds of the sections was born in cob, anther length.

We found morphological difference in 2n-2n types, 2n ( top awn)- 2n ( long awn).

The disease resistant gene and the black awn gene isn’t linkable. Powdery mildew resistance is the dominant character.
The contribution of awn to grain weight in the years with higher temperature, abundant sunlight and less rainfall is greater than that in the years with lower tempera-ture.

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