About bicep Sentence Examples

This morning I measured my bicep.

I can make my thumb and forefinger meet round your bicep.

You do bicep curls with your grocery bags while you are carrying them into your house.

Oh my god! He wants me to come over and feel his bicep and more!

I had this problem – my right bicep was bigger than the left.

Steve whips off his T-shirt and flexes his right bicep.

She touched my bicep for crying out loud!

So the next time youre faced with a choice that takes self-control, clench your fist or firm that bicep. Your will might firm up, too.

The bicep alone and this is a conservative estimate could curl 430 pounds, Conrad says.

Don’t forget bicep stretches as well, lift the elbow straight up in the air and pull it down with the opposite arm, then bring arm across chest and hold with opposite arm.

Terry said he had the Larry O’Brien championship trophy tattooed on his right bicep before the season began because he was confident the Mavs would clinch the title.

The effect of overexercise on histology and biomechanics of the long head of bicep tendon

Surface electric plates are placed over the flexor digitorum profundus, tricep, bicep, anterior deltoid and posterior deltoid to monitor the muscle activity over each of these positions.

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