About bichromate Sentence Examples

Determination of Phosphite Content in Zinc Phosphite by Potassium Bichromate Method

Well, we’ll ship the bichromate in steel drums and the chromic anhydride in oil cans. the hypothetical acid ( H2Cr2O7) from which dichromates are derived; known only in solution and in the form of dichromate salts.

Ammonium bichromate ( dichromate): Salt formed by neutralising chromic acid with ammonia. An orange color crystal that is soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurement of Chemical Oxygen Demand by Bichromate Determination Method

The determination of gold in chloroauric acid by titration analysis with ferrous sulphate potassium bichromate and the conditions of chemical reaction are studied.

Traditional phosphating solutions usually contain sodium nitrite, potassium bichromate, sodium fluoride and nickel nitrate which are detrimental to human body and environment.

Objective To observe the germicidal efficacy of compound potassium bichromate acid solution and its influencing factors.

A systematic study was conducted to oxidation-reduction reaction of many kinds of small molecule alcohol with bichromate. A detailed analysis was conducted to reaction process.

The difference did not change even under the action of sodium fluoride, potassium bichromate, mitomycin C and colchicine.

This paper discussed the optimal conditions for the determination of residual alcohol in the fermented mash for Chinese highly-flavored liquor, using potassium bichromate colorimetry.

Determination of gold in chloroauric acid by titration analysis with ferrous sulphate-potassium bichromate

Determination of Organic Matter in Soil with the Method of Potassium Bichromate-dilution Heat Colorimetric

The compound potassium bichromate and sulfuric acid solution with ORP attaining 1048 mV has strong killing effect on E. coli.

Influence of Potassium Bichromate Concentration and Storage Time of Sample on Determination of Milk Fat by Milko-Scan

Technical Revamp on Handle of Mirabilite Deposits in the Production of Sodium Bichromate

The Cr~ ( 3+) standard solution is prepared from a potassium bichromate solution and the preparing procedure and the standard working curve are presented.

Results Addition of neutralizer to the compound potassium bichromate acid solution with highest oxidation-reduction potential ( ORP) and lowest pH value could obviously reduce ORP value and increase pH value of the solution.

A kind of chromium gel system of retarded crosslinking made of partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide ( HPAM), sodium bichromate and organic reductant sulfocarbamide was investigated.

Study on the mechanism of the cathodic bichromate passivation on tinplate

Observation of germicidal efficacy of compound potassium bichromate acid solution

Chromic Compound’s Cleaner Production& the New Process of Roasting Chromite without Calcium to Produce Sodium Bichromate

A novel method to fabricate microlens array was proposed. The microlens array was made of bichromate gelatine, exposed by coding gray tone mask and developed by protein enzyme solution.

Refraction Microlens Array Made of Bichromate Gelatine by Enzyme Solution with Coding Gray tone Mask

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