About cable railway Sentence Examples

A conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway.

Coach, cable railway, not self-propelled self-propelled armoured fighting vehicles

Statistical Analysis of the Wheel Pressure non-uniform Coefficient and the Pressure on Cable Railway at River Quay

Measuring and statistical analysis of the wheel pressure for the eight wheel cable railway at River quay

Development of the wire and cable for railway rolling stock

Selection of Optical Cable Content in Communication Trunk Cable of Railway

Gas Blowing for Laying Optical Fiber Cable Along Railway Line

Calculation of the electrical field distribution of a leaky coaxial cable in a railway tunnel

This paper researched on the electromagnetic effect from traction power system to signal cable on high-speed railway. Series useful disciplines and conclusions were founded, and some necessary protection measures were pointed out.

This paper states the first opened digital railway division communication system which is constructed with Δ M multiplex transmission system and digital division telephone switching system on the toll symetrical cable at Zhengzhou-Luoyang Railway Division.

At present, the communication of railway relies on the copper cable along the railway.

Research conclusions: The interference on the cable and fiber cable in the railway communication system by electrified railway can be controlled effectively by adopting the relevant protection measures for the cable and fiber cable, therefore, the purpose of electromagnetic protection can be achieved.

Experimental Study on Model Test of Anchoring Joint of Stay Cable for Nanjing Railway Station

The big cable car by the railway station is even named in honour of the prince of Wales.

Auto-generation algorithm of outside cable match drawing based on cable route graph in railway signal engineering design

This paper introduces the experimental study on the model test of anchoring joint of stay cable used in Nanjing railway station, including the finite element analysis, the design of the test installation, the test results analysis, etc.

The following closely the application situation has carried on the detailed investigation and the analysis to the pre-stressed anchor cable in the Chongqing-Huaihua railway subgrade project. Geological characteristics of many slopes and corresponding detailed forms of stabilizing structures are given.

Prediction of the Insulation Cable Residual Life ON RAILWAY SAFETY PREDICATION

Research on the Design of Low Resistance Grounding System for Entire Cable Power Line along the Railway

The possibility for adopting the large span steel cable stayed bridge in high speed railway is studied.

The paper expounds the specialities of laying cable or optical cable in paddy field along the railway in south of our country.

Calculation of longitudinal voltage produced in telecommunication cable cores by induction from electrified railway

This paper discusses in depth the calculation of longitudinal voltage produced in plastic-insulated and aluminium-sheathed telecommunication cable cores by induction from electrified railway and the effect of screening ground wire on the said voltage.

The cable used for the construction of Qinghai-Tibet railway must offer anticorrosion, cold-resistance, and UV resistance.

Damping Balance System of Electric Cable Applied in Datong-Baotou Section of Beijing-Baotou Railway

Experience of the Concurrent Construction to the Feeder Cable Project and the Rail Lines Reconstruction in the Newly-built Second Line and Feeder Cable Modification Construction in the Existing Electrification Railway Lines

The railway communication cable is the main channel of transmission railway signal.

Design Study of Large Span Steel Cable stayed Bridge Used in High Speed Railway

Selection of 220 kV two-phase power supply cable core cross-section for electrified railway

Brief introduction of cable tunnel successfully passing through the Longhai Railway

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