About cabman Sentence Examples

Barman, a policeman, and a cabman awaited the Invisible Man’s arrival after hiding Marvel.

The life of the kitchen went on its accustomed way as though the cabman did not exist.

We had an example of his readiness of resource that morning when he got away from us so successfully, and also of his audacity in sending back my own name to me through the cabman.

I gave the cabman five shillings, who only grumbled, saying it was dirt cheap at half-a-sovereign, and was impertinent enough to advise me the next time I went to a ball to take a’bus.

The cabman looked a little embarrassed.

He was busily engaged at it when the cabman entered the room.

The cabman went up to the soldier, flopped down on his knees, and gave a smacking kiss on his hand.

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