About calm day Sentence Examples

Tuesday was a fine, clear and calm day.

Calm day to go out elegant dress, give yourself up and smile.

However, if the plaintiff loses the case, the school will be forever cursed, no calm day.

Which diagram shows the most likely path of a bomb failing from a moving aeroplane on a calm day?

Anyone who’s been outside on a windy, winter day knows it’s a lot more difficult to stay warm than on a calm day with the same temperature.

On a calm day, the sea laps on the rocks.

It is possible to use GPS alone to keep a very stable and slow flying airframe on a particular ground track on a calm day.

It is a calm, cloudless day.

A receptionist advised us to stay put but predicted all would be calm the next day.

Canglang taotao, the more calm and clear day.

If you concentrate on being able to calm down in your day to day life, you might find that you are able to be a lot happier.

I went back into the conference room, and experienced a deep calm the rest of the day.

With the departure of the sun the calm mood of the winter day changed.

One calm, bright, sunshiny day, an angel slipped out of heaven and came down to this world and roamed field and forest, city and hamlet.

Candles are the easiest way to create a calm environment after a long day in the office.

Don’t neglect nearby fine thing, the imagination was basically different from the realistic world, can use a kind of mindset, be calm of over good every day

Calm clouds, reflected in pools day after day,’ but things change, stars move& how many autumns gone by?

I thought I was a calm and collected person until one day at the office when my anger got the best of me.

The most popular methods to calm down at the end of the day were changing clothes, laying down, kissing a spouse or partner, playing with a pet and reading a book or magazine.

Circular shaped bathtub will calm you at the end of a long day.

A lot of people use a certain kind of music to get going in the morning, to get out of bed, to get them through an exercise workout, to calm themselves down at the end of the day.

Aim for togetherness, for keeping things calm, and you’ll find by the end of the day that you’re rather glad you did, because relationships will have improved quite a lot.

Take short walks to calm down, or, if necessary, simply take a mental health day.

Remaining calm, Zhao Gao said: Will your Majesty please see more clearly? This really is a horse that covers a thousand li a day.

After clear sky and calm weather, clouds gathered and a storm burst, and it rained with a very violent shower. Rain from the east, wet two day at least.

If you stay calm and allow yourself to fall back to sleep naturally rather than lying there wondering why you’re awake, you usually won’t see any negative effects the next day.

Even during the worst of suffering, that calm, compassionate, affectionate and infinitely wise voice ( who is maybe me, or maybe not exactly me) is always available for a conversation on paper at any time of day or night.

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