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Maximum intensity projection techniques with multislice spiral CT in the evaluation of capillary fracture of calvaria

The application of the digital tomosynthesis in bone with fractures after cast immobilization Maximum intensity projection techniques with multislice spiral CT in the evaluation of capillary fracture of calvaria

Aim: To study the effects of genistein on proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts in neonatal rat calvaria cultures.

Method Osteoblastic cells are isolated by sequential enzyme digestion from newborn SD rat calvaria.

Osteoblasts were delievered and cultured from the new-born Wistar rats calvaria by the digesting method.

Methods: Osteoblasts were isolated from neonatal rat calvaria through trypsin and collagenase digestion.

METHODS Osteoblastic cells were isolated from newborn rat calvaria through trypsin digestion.

The isolated osteoblastic cells from embryonic chicken calvaria bone were cultured in vitro.

AIM: To observe the Ca metabolism in cultured rat calvaria treated with TNF-α.

Conclution: Genistein increased osteoblast DNA and collagen synthesis in neonatal rat calvaria cultures, and promoted osteoblast proliferation and differentiation.

Objective To study clinical feature and prognosis of the multiple hemangioma in the calvaria.

The effects of PGE_2 on the ALP activity of the cultured bone media of rat calvaria

Its potency is greater than that of estradiol, which only increases calcium content in fetal rat calvaria but has no significant effects on dry weight and hydroxyproline content.

Effects of TNF, IL-1 and IL-6 on bone resorption in cultured calvaria of mice

METHODS: Using the method of enzyme digested, Osteoblasts ( OB) obtained from newborn rat calvaria were cultured for serial passage.

The effect of PGE_2 on the calcium metabolism of cultured rat calvaria

Conclusions Both of ASON-1 and ASON-2 can slightly inhibit bone resorption index of normal cultured calvaria and the inhibitory effects of ASON-2 on calvaria bone resorption stimulated by IL-6 were significantly stronger than that of ASON-1.

Studies on Substitute for Bone Tissue Influence Osteoblast Growth and Attachment in Cultured Fetal Human Calvaria Cells

Methods: Rat calvaria cells were cultured in medium with or without IGF-I. MTT assay was used to assess the cell number;

Methods WO 1 loaded bio derived bone scaffold was prepared from allograft, collagen I and WO 1. Osteoblasts obtained from the rabbit calvaria bone in vitro were induced and proliferated, and then cultured with WO 1 loaded bio derived bone.

Methods: Dissect skull of cadaver 40 sides of 20 cases: open the calvaria and clean the cerebrum, then open the tentorium of cerebellum, object and measure distance between the facial nerve and the nearest vessel, follow the course of it.

To study the molecular mechanism of bone development retardation caused by iodine deficiency and measure more accurately the bone morphogenetic protein 2 ( BMP 2) mRNA level in rat calvaria, a modified competitive RT PCR method was established.

Methods The 20 adult head through formalin fixation were chosen, and then the calvaria opened, some brain tissues removed, the structure of bases of skulls remained well and made a observation.

Methods: The serum collected from experimental rats given soybean isoflavones extract was added to the culture system of osteoblast cells ( OB) isolated from the calvaria of neonatal SD rats.

Methods: The osteoblasts were harvested by collagenase from the calvaria of 2~ 3 day fetal mice, and cultured in DMEM containing 20% fetal calf serum.

OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of total coumarines from the fruits of Cnidium monnieri ( TCFC) on the production of NO, IL 1 and IL 6 from osteoblasts in neonatal calvaria cultures.

The main work and conclusions were as follows: ( 1) The primary Wistar rats osteoblasts were cultured from the calvaria of new-born rats by the tissue piece culture method.

The results indicate that newborn rat calvaria osteogenic cells elaborate in culture a mineralized matrix, which further support the osteoblastic nature of the cells.

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